Wednesday, June 20, 2012

a. Title             : A country Boy (Narrative Text)
b. Theme         : Knowledge is a source of happiness
c. Lesson         : Living with knowledge will keep away from anxiety


Tens years ago, lived a boy named Zeeman. He lived in a remote country of a very huge nation. Zeeman’s family was very simple. They lived with peaceful heart, no worry for tomorrow, no envy, and no restless ambitions. There was only one inside them, they are amazed by science. They pay great respect to scientists. Science for them is light of happiness. They hoped that a new happiness - light of science - would come when their country changed.
“Son, study hard and be a diligent boy so that you can be a learned man one day.” Zeeman’s father advised. Zeeman was just silent with his head bending down when he listened to it.
In the next twenty years, Zeeman’s country changed. Many people started complaining and asking to themselves: why did a person get rich quickly? What should I do to be as rich as him? Last night someone stole my money, and many more.
When Zeeman went home to his country from his study in a very far city, he was sad. His country changed. People in his country changed. They were not interested in science anymore. They were more interested in getting jobs and money. They were afraid of their future. There was no time for them to have a relaxing chat among them.
Another twenty years came but Zeeman still didn’t change. He was happy with his knowledge he got when he was in his study. He gave his knowledge to the young generation, not many of them joining him but many of them were interested and joined him because he was not afraid of his life.


1. Who is Zeeman?                
    a) A happy boy      
     b) A country boy    
     c) a scientist
     d) An ambitious boy          
     e) A remote country
2. How is life condition in a country?
a) Peaceful            
b) Busy                               
c) Lonely
d) Scientific                       
e) Traditional

3. Why do people of country love science? Because…
a) science makes them happy.                             
b) science is really amazing.
c) science is a way to get true happiness.            
d) science can buy happiness.
e) science is really suitable for country people.
4. Which of the statements is TRUE?
     a) Science is the best way to pursue happiness.
     b) Science will always provide solution to every life problem.
     c) Science and happiness should be related each other.
     d) Country people are scientist.
     e) City people are business oriented.

5. What does Zeeman’s father want his child to be?
a)      A country boy                            d) A scientist  
b)      A Happy boy                              e) A hard worker
c)      A diligent worker

6. What a kind of person is Zeeman described in paragraph 2?
a) A genius boy                                 d) An ignorant boy
b) A disputed boy                              e) An obedient boy  
c) A smart boy
7. Why does Zeeman’s father want Zeeman to be diligent and work hard? Because …
     a) being a scientist takes a long time.
     b) fortune is for a diligent and hard working boy.
     c) good jobs need a diligent and hard working boy.
     d) being a diligent and hard working boy is for workers.
     e) Most students have these qualities

8. What do you think you know about a learned man?
     a) A man having studied in highest education.
     b) A man having extensive understanding.
     c) A man having abundant certificates.
     d) A man having lots of followers.
     e) A man with great charisma.

9. What changes can you find in Zeeman’s country?
a)      More crowded                                       
b)      People are getting smarter.                  
c)      People are getting restless. 
d) The place becomes a city.
e) Becoming a modern place 

10. How long does the country take to change?
a) Tens years          d) 15 years
b) 20 years             e) 50 years
c) 40 years

11. How old was probably Zeeman when the country changed?
a) 27 years old                   d) 17 years old
b) 30 years old                   e) 50 years old           
c) 40 years old
12. What makes the country change?
a) The people                     d) The nature
b) The place                       e) The habits
c) The condition

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